9 Early Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

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Online Pharmacy Store in USA - Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition but when you rephrase the same in a lame man tone it means that when a man is not able to keep the penis erected for a while. Rather than pretending you should try to face the worse situation by understanding its causes. You can buy erectile dysfunction medicine online from online pharmacy store in USA to treat this. Now for ordinary people the causes might look intricate but if you face the problem ever you need to point out the warning signals. Therefore to warn you we are listing few early signs so go through them minutely and one by one.

Erectile dysfunction sign 

1.      Lower levels of libido

There are time when your partner attempts to arise the sexual desire in you. In fact tries to persuade you in doing the same but somehow you don't feel the urge to fulfil the lust. Now this may be due to age problem or due to less production of testosterone. Well this is one of the physical signs but there may be other emotional crisis like relationship issue or financial dilemma as well.


2.      Pain during intercourse

There are times when men face pain during the time of intercourse. Now this may be due to damaged penis or due to any other structural issue that leads to pain. Now this pain mainly occurs during the time of ejaculation may be before or after. Sometimes it is also seen that traces of blood can be found in the semen. Apart from that there are cases when a man actually feels pain in the penis itself. Now these are the growing signs of erectile dysfunction.


3.      Problems in getting erected

There are cases when stimulation from your partner or masturbation fails to give you an erected penis. Obviously then you are suffering from impotence problem. But in this case the erectile dysfunction does not impact the level of libido.

4.      Issue in holding on the erection

Now there are cases that somehow your penis got erected but fails to sustain that. Now this is caused due to problem in blood circulation when the blood is prevented from reaching the penis. Therefore as a result it affects your manliness by limping your dick. The saddest part is that although you are highly concentrated still cannot have that with easiness.


5.      Same blood pressure or cholesterol reading

At times you need to go for cholesterol check-ups and somehow if the reading is in the higher numbers obviously it's alarming. And the same case holds with your blood pressure. But one thing in both the case if the high readings appear for the first time then it might not be too much to worry. But if the elevated readings continue more than twice then there is something serious to think about. Therefore if you detect something like that then without fail you should get to consult a doctor so it might be an early sign of getting erectile dysfunction.


6.      Less morning erections

Many of you may have found that the morning erections are getting irregular. Now this is because of the irregular flow of blood to the penis. In brief there is a circulatory problem which is why such problems are getting. Hence this is a kind of early sign that you may face during erectile dysfunction.


7.      Sudden erection

There are cases when the penis gets erected without any stimulation. And thus erected condition remains for some hours then automatically switches to normal condition. It basically happens when the blood can't circulate easily from the penis and somehow it gets caged there. Now this results into erectile dysfunction in an irreversible order.


8.      Diabetic men

Men who have been possibly suffering from diabetes issues are likely to develop the problem like erectile dysfunction. Having this problem means that you are ahead them to fifteen years compared to your present age.


9.      Poor teeth condition 

This is an alarming situation when men at times suffer from dental issues. Now this particular problem hinders the blood circulation and allows infected blood to channel into the penis. Now as the bad blood gets into the penis certainly the one is gets affected with bad bacteria which causes the erectile problem in men. Therefore this is also a warning sign as well.

Thus these are the notable early warning signs of erectile dysfunction.

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