What are the Best Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction?

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Often times you have heard of the term impotence which actually means that a man is suffering from erectile Dysfunction. Basically it is an in capability to hold on the erection during the hours of sexual intimacy. However men often do face erectile dysfunction due to fatigue or stress and that is quite common actually. But the moment it becomes seldom certainly it is an indication that a medical follow up / medication is necessary to be done. If you go through the problem in detail you will see that mostly men find it difficult to get erected and they begin to lose interest from sexual desires as well. Therefore we will get into dome deeper thoughts related to erectile dysfunction and finding best medicines to deal with it. You can buy best men’s health medicines online at Best Online Pharmacy Store in USA. 

How does erection take place? 

Well erection takes place when there is enhanced flow of blood in to the penis. Now this blood flow is regulated by sexual desires or thoughts. Well whenever a man gets excited in terms of sexually or the penis gets into a direct intimacy in that hours the muscles in the penis gets relaxed and the blood flows through the arteries situated inside the penis. Eventually the blood occupies the compartments located on either side of the penis. Now when these compartments as properly filled the penis tend to grow stubborn. But if the arteries in the penile are injured to open up properly barring the flow of blood in that case the erectile dysfunction takes place. 


    Reasons behind getting erectile dysfunction 

Honestly it is not the physical faults that actually make a man suffer from the disorder. However various emotional reasons are also equally responsible for the same as well. Therefore go through some of the important causes responsible for that. 

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Weight problems
  4. Disturbed relationship
  5. Any kind of injury
  6. Cancer issues
  7. Increase in age
  8. Cardiovascular problem
  9. Diabetes


Focusing on the best medicines / pills to treat erectile dysfunction 

     Sildenafil Citrate (Popular brand - Viagra) 

The name Viagra popularly represents the label Sildenafil Citrate. The main task of Viagra is to rectify the erectile problem in a man. But one has to make sure that there is a sexually aroused stimulation otherwise viagra won't give fruitful result. During the process of stimulation the nitric oxide gets released in the brain which results into an enzyme producing the cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Now this particular one causes the expansion of arteries in penis. Now when you are taking viagra it keeps the cGMP as it's so that the blood flow does not degrade.

Generic Sildenafil Citrate variants includes - KamagraFildenaCaverta, Cenforce. 


       Tadalafil (Popular brand - Cialis)


Cialis is one of the medicines designed to treat erectile dysfunction. Now this particular one will world for men only. Make sure that you should not take this if you are taking nitrate based medicines. However you are not supposed to take this medicine in case of heart issues, kidney disorder, ulcer in the stomach, loss of vision and many more. Just make sure to take one tablet in a day and if you forget can take it anytime. But if you get any allergic problem like rash you should consult the doctor. Moreover whenever you are going to take this medicine make sure that you take this based on prescription only because it is a recommended prescription drug.


Popular generic Tadalafil variants are - VidalistaTadalistaForzest.


●   Vardenafil (Popular brand - Levitra)


Levitra is again one of the best prescribed medicine for healing erectile disorder. But the medicine can cause havoc when you take medicines like nitrates, medicines for hypertension. But you have to be careful that Levitra won't prevent any kind of sexually exchanged disease like HIV. You should not take Levitra along with other medicines which you have been taking long for treating other diseases. At the same time you should not take this medicine if you are already having any other medicine for treating erectile problem. One more thing in some cases when you take Levitra the penis can remain erect for four hours at a stretch and in some cases it causes vision problem.


Generic Vardenafil variants - Filitra, Vilitra, Valif etc. 


Thus, these are the most popular medicines / pills for Erectile Dysfunction.


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