The HCG Diet - Important Things to Remember

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Hcg or you can even call as the human chorionic gonadotropin a kind of secretion used to treat weight problem in human beings. But at the same time you have heard of hcg diet as well. For your understanding it is a kind of diet where the calorie consumption is very less. Such calorie intake continues for three to four weeks and mostly five hundred calories are consumed. Certainly you will come to know that it is one of the balanced forms of food that you can have it. The basic intention if the diet is to make you lose flabs from buttocks and thighs. On the whole it is something which promises you to have balanced body weight. Therefore now will go through the list that tells about the hcg diet list.

HCG Diet

Points that tell you on how should you maintain the hcg diet are as follows:- 

      Precautions while cooking 

Whenever you are preparing the food enlisted in the category for hcg diet make sure that you should put any oil in it. In other words it should be oil free. In addition to that you have to cautious regarding the ingredients like mustard, parsley, pepper and salt. On the whole be careful that you don't increase the calorie content of the food. 

      Limiting drinks 

Now coming to beverages corner you have to restrict yourself to tea, coffee and water. But make sure that you don't indulge into too much calorie based drinks which are not allowed. Remember that you can only use artificial based sweeteners in the tea or coffee. Most importantly those following Hcg diet have to limit themselves to two litres of water each day. Now for those who have fetish for lemonade drinks should not increase the quantity of lemons must remain confined to one only. 

      Careful about supplements 

Sometimes doctors suggest you to have vitamins along with the hcg diet. But in that case you should not have any kind of the candy based vitamins which are a big no. But certain type of supplements like magnesium and potassium should be included in the diet as well. 

      Mindful about fish and egg 

In this type of diet you are restricted from having eggs. However you can have the white portion of the egg. Now coming to fishes you just can gorge on any fresh item served on your plate. But you cannot have tuna at any case. Now during this dietary phase try not to have turkey as it causes flatulence and gas. Last but not the least make sure to have proteins do that you don't starve. 

       A note on fruits 

Well you will observe that after a couple of weeks somehow the diet won't work actively. In order to get over the situation you can stick to one fruit that is apple for a day. When such happens, simply stick to taking six apples a day. But there is no such destruction that you have to take on a particular time actually have it during any hours. However you should limit the consumption of coffee and tea in these days. 

Important things to remember 

      Everyday your body requires a certain amount of calorie which is about 1500 calories  day but when you are on this diet the quantity is limited to only 1000 calories which is quite less. Therefore body needs time to adjust to sudden changes.

      One more thing whenever you ate on a hcg diet make sure to have the hcg injection along with it so that the body can sustain the low calorie diet menu. If not taken then the body would not respond perfectly and starvation could fatigue your health.


Thus these are some basic things related to the hcg diet.

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