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Kamagra 50 mg tablet is used to treat male sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction(Ed) or impotency. The active ingredient in this medicine is Sildenafil Citrate(Viagra ). Kamagra 50mg is easily available online, You can buy this tablet from TheSafePharmacy.com. This medicine is also available in different dosages.


Ajanta Pharmaceuticals

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Erectile Dysfunction



Active Ingredient:

Sildenafil Citrate

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2 To 3 Weeks


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Product Description

What is Kamagra 50 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) Tablets?

Kamagra 50 mg tablet is only used to treat male sexual problems like ED (Erectile Dysfunction) or impotency. Kamagra tablet contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient.

Manufacture of Kamagra 50 mg?

Kamagra 50 mg medicine is manufacture by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical company.

What is the Dosage of Kamagra 50 mg?

Patients should always follow their doctor's prescriptions and instructions before use. The Kamagra 50 mg tablet should be taken around an hour before involved in sexual activity.

What are the side effects of Kamagra 50mg (Sildenafil Citrate)?

There are some side effects of using Kamagra 50mg tablet. Consult your doctor if you notice any of the side effects.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Nose Bleeding
  • Prolonged Erection
  • Excessive tearing in the eyes
  • Nasal Blockage
  • Visual Disturbances
  • Painful Urination
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Kamagra 50 mg tablet react with other drugs?

Ans: Yes, Kamagra tablet may interact with other drugs and create poisonous and toxic effects. Hence, consult with your doctor regarding any other drug that you are consuming.

Q: Is smoking or alcohol harmful during kamagra 50 mg medicine course?

Ans: Smoking or alcohol during the course of Kamagra medicine can be harmful and increase side effects.

Q: What if I cannot buy online Kamagra 50mg?

Ans: If it is not available online or at any local drugstore, immediately consult your doctor and ask for an alternative. You should try not to miss a dose.

Q: Does Kamagra tablet medicine provide safety from STDs?

Ans: No, this medicine does not provide any safety from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), hence proper precaution should be taken for that case. Buy online Kamagra 50 mg.

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