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The Safe Pharmacy clearly disclaims any/all spoken or implied warranties. This is not limited to the vague merchant warranties and of the fitness of certain products with the specified purposes.

No oral piece of advice or a piece of written information provided from The Safe Pharmacy i.e. from our officers, directors, employees, agents, our suppliers, licensing agencies, partners, shall create an impression of or imply a direct warranty. The Safe Pharmacy abides by all the regulations and local laws in order to provide our services and generic medicine.

The licensed and certified pharmaceutical companies employ licensed pharmacists to offer professional pharmaceutical advice. The FDA gives authorization to the agents in order to use the discretion to permit importations of the generic drugs in limited supply (lesser than 90-day supply). This policy allows the residents of the United States to purchase as well as import medications online for any serious medical conditions. This policy also prohibits the import of medicines with the intention of making a profit from selling drugs.

Medicines sold by The Safe Pharmacy are supplied for personal uses and they cannot be resold for commercial purposes. The Safe Pharmacy doesn’t hold any responsibility for the legal or custom ramifications of the seizure of the product. The customer of any medicine sold by The Safe Pharmacy will be liable for any legal consequences.

Brand names that are revealed during the searching processor in the listed ailment section or categories for medicines are only for informational purposes. In addition to this, the brands listed as “comparable in compositions” have been used only so that the customers can compare for their convenience. The Safe Pharmacy does not have any association with the brands or the drug manufacturers which have been mentioned only for references. This is in no manner a way to promote drugs and sell drugs. The Safe Pharmacy will not have any responsibility for the use of medicines or aftereffects of the medication referred on our website.

Moreover, The Safe Pharmacy doesn’t utilize the trade name or the medicines in the “Comparable in Composition” category for the sales. This information is offered only for the customers to draw a distinction between our medication and the brand-name medicines. If there is any drug that has Our Drug aforementioned, then customers should know that it is sold by The Safe Pharmacy. If there is a drug that isn’t in the “Our Drug” section, The Safe Pharmacy will offer a substitute for the same. This substitute drug has the same chemical composition and is having the same strength. The Safe Pharmacy doesn’t claim any patents that are held by any of the drug manufacturers.

Each piece of information that is shared on is supplied only for the purpose of information. The information regarding the medication is in the form of a summary and doesn’t mean the replacement of the information that is mentioned on the information leaflet or the packaging label. The information displayed on the website should not be taken as a substitute for a physician’s advice.

Information that is included on the website is not intended to be utilized for the diagnosis of any medical condition or as an instruction to the medication. The information offered by the manufacturer must be referred to before consuming the medicine. The information related to the dietary supplements has not been FDA evaluated and thus, it should not be used to prevent or self-diagnose, cure or treat any of the medical conditions.

In addition, The Safe Pharmacy strictly disclaims any and all the responsibility for the content, reliability of the information, accessibility located on the links to the third-party sites that are not affiliated with The Safe Pharmacy. The search results on some websites may have some links to other websites that may be considered objectionable or are improper. The Safe pharmacy does not hold any responsibility for any of that. The Safe Pharmacy also cannot be held accountable for issues such as copyright infringement, the respectability of the content, the legality of the content present on third-party websites. By viewing this disclaimer, you give up all your claims against The Safe Pharmacy with regard to any such unaffiliated 3rd party websites.

By browsing, you agree to the use of the website and take sole responsibility for it. Neither we, our affiliates, directors, agents, employees, merchants, licensors, sponsors, third-party providers nor the collective associates provide any guarantee of the accuracy, relevance, or reliability of the information provided on the website or that the website is in any manner uninterrupted or is errorproof.

Every information that is provided on The Safe Pharmacy is meant for either informational or educational purposes or both. The information displayed on the website is not offered as a substitute for medical guidance and neither is it intended to be any substitute for the treatment from your doctor. The information displayed on the website about the medicine or the medical information on the website does not imply any warranty or does not imply or acknowledge the same in any manner.

The Safe Pharmacy does not warrant that the information displayed on the website is truthful, current, complete, or absolutely accurate, and if the information will be always available or available at all. The Safe Pharmacy recommends the customers to get advice from their doctors regarding their medical conditions or clear their doubts regarding any medical condition. The information available on the website does not create or is meant to create any relationship with any doctor. The information displayed on the website has the primary function of providing information for educational purposes only. This information must not be considered any replacement for the guidance of the medical treatment that one is getting from their doctor.

If you think that you are suffering from any medical condition, do not rely on the information available on The Safe Pharmacy. Instead, get yourself diagnosed. We advise you to not delay it any further and give your body the care and medical attention that is required.

The disclaimer does not: 

  • Exclude any legal responsibility that is not prohibited by law
  • Restrict or exclude any legal responsibility that does the deceptive interpretation
  • Limit or exclude any legal responsibility responsible for personal injury or loss of life due to negligence
  • Exclude any legal responsibility in any manner that is not allowed by the law.
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The links available on The Safe Pharmacy are only for informational purposes and we do not utilize them for endorsement. Our website does not make any endorsement through these links and we aren’t accountable for any content or action that is linked to such sites. We are not to be held accountable for whatever content is displayed on the website of the link.

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