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If you are suffering from sexual impairment like impotency, your doctor may prescribe you to buy Tadalista Professional 5 mg online or from a local drugstore. It is a generic version of medicine of the drug Cialis. It is easy to buy Tadalista Tablet Online in USA.


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Erectile Dysfunction



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Tadalafil Citrate

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2 To 3 Weeks


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Product Description

Tadalista 5 mg

If you are suffering from sexual impairment like impotency, your doctor may prescribe you to buy Tadalista Professional 5 mg online or from a local drugstore. It is a generic version of medicine of the drug Cialis. It is easy to buy Tadalista Tablet Online in the USA. About Medicine: It is a form of drug and should be taken once a day. It is manufactured and marketed by Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. It has 10 to 12 tablets per strip. It has the active ingredient of Tadalafil.

What is the normal dosage that should be followed? Before you buy Tadalista 5 mg tablet, you should have a clear idea about the dosage that should be maintained. Try to stick to what your doctor has prescribed and do not take more or less than what is directed.

Normal Dosage: It is preferable to take only one dose a day. The medicine takes about 30 to 45 minutes to work. It has an effect that lasts for about 4 hours. Hence, you should take the medicine about an hour before indulging in sexual intercourse.

Overdose: You should take only the amount of dose that is prescribed to you. Overdosing a drug is proven to be fatal. Even if you take an overdose by mistake, immediately rush to a nearby hospital before things become worse.

Missed Dose: Missing a dose may have no improvement in your condition. Hence, it is better to take your medicine on time. But, if you forget, then take it as soon as you remember.

What are the benefits of using this medicine? The moment you buy Tadalista Professional 20mg online you should be well aware of how the medicine works. The medicine works in the following way: Erectile Dysfunction: It is a disease in which a person cannot maintain or initiate an erection when aroused during sexual intercourse. Tadalista is a drug that is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction and in some cases some of the symptoms of benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. It helps to increase the blood flow in the penial region.

What are the side effects that you may encounter? The side effects of this medicine are mild. But, it may turn fatal if you take an overdose or expired medicine. Hence, beware from the moment you buy Tadalista 5 mg tablet, the medicine has various side effects like: Stuffy nose Upset stomach Muscle Cramp Pain in the back Headache Nausea Flushing Vision problem Hearing problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Should I change my dosage in between if the prior dosage does not work properly?

Ans: The dosage should not be altered or taken in large or small quantities. Do exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

2) Is the medicine easily available? Ans: Yes, it is easy to buy Tadalista Tablet online in the USA. You can also get it at a regular medical shop nearby.

3) Are Tadalista and Cialis the same? Ans: The active ingredient present in both the drugs, Tadalista and Cialis is the same. The only difference between these drugs is that Tadalista is the generic form of the drug Cialis and has Cialis as a branded version of this drug. Buy Tadalista 5 mg tablet online.

At The Safe Pharmacy, you can easily order this medicine and also some other doses of this medicine, like Tadalista Professional 20mg online. We have endeavored to cater to your needs and provide you with guaranteed and reliable medicines at your doorstep. We promise to get it delivered within 10-12 business days.

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