Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Personal Information

The Safe Pharmacy acknowledges your right to keeping your information secure. We commit to protecting your information and privacy at all costs. Each piece of information that we gather during the process of purchase is kept safe. At our portal, you will be asked to create an account of your own where you will be required to fill in your name, email address, residential address, home, and cell number. Once you place your order, you will be asked to provide information for your payment depending upon the mode of your payment as well as a valid prescription from a physician.

Every information shared between you and we are encrypted to be kept safe. We will not authorize access to your information and never disclose your information to any outside source. Unless and until required by the law, we will not release your information to any outside source or in the public domain.

The Safe Pharmacy - Website Security Measures

Whenever you place an order with The Safe Pharmacy, we encrypt all your personal information. Due to encryption, it becomes virtually impossible for anyone to hack into or steal your personal information while you are making a payment or purchasing from us. Payment information is converted into a coded format and is then stores in another database that is different from the database. This provides added security for all your information.

Authorized use of Information

The use of TheSafePharmacy.com confirms that you are either 21 years of age or above and authorize the collection as well as the utilization of certain personal information. The taken information, how it is utilized, and the conditions for which they can be disclosed are mentioned on our Privacy Policy Page. Any changes to The Safe Pharmacy will be posted on the Privacy Policy Page as well as on this page.


The Safe Pharmacy welcomes your feedback about the services, products, and our website. To make a query or leave a comment, please contact us at admin@thesafepharmacy.com or our Toll-Free number (844) 892-4831.

We encourage you to leave feedback based on how your experience was with our website and how our services were on our Testimonial Page.

Shipping Policy

We make every possible effort to provide timely shipping. All the orders are shipped within two business days but we would like you to allow us up to 10 business days. If at all the shipment is delayed or if we are unable to ship your order due to some reason, you will be notified in advance. All the orders are subject to additional charges for shipping.

Orders can be shipped to: Street address (all shipping methods) PO Box located in the 50 United States (standard shipping only) APO/FPO US Military address* (standard shipping only)

*Please Note: Shipping to an APO/FPO address may be delayed.

TheSafePharmacy.com Policies are Subject to Variations

The Safe Pharmacy reserves all the rights to make changes to the policies as well as increasing the shipping charges without any prior notice.

Shipping Address

The address that is the shipping address for your most recent purchase is set as your default address. You can make changes to the delivery address with the Change Shipping Address drop-down menu. You can also select a different address for every purchase or even add a newer address based on your choice of delivery.

Note: Do not make changes to the delivery address after the product has been shipped as they are not changed on the shipping address. Please make all such changes within 12 hours of ordering.

Trademarks and Brand Names

To provide maximum convenience to the customers and offer them savings on every purchase, TheSafePharamcy.com offers generic medications. The use of brand-name on the website is only for the comparison purpose and it doesn’t imply that we supply any medication other than the generic drugs, neither do we intend to do so in the upcoming future. The Safe Pharmacy does not have any connection or affiliation with manufacturers of any branded drugs whatsoever.

The Safe Pharmacy doesn’t endorse any branded drugs mentioned on the website. It is only displayed for informational purposes only. The Safe Pharmacy bears no legal responsibility for the use of drugs mentioned on the website.

The Safe Pharmacy Drug Policy

The Safe Pharmacy is where you can easily get generic and alternative medications. We do not offer any brand-name medication. Any mention of a brand name is done only for the purpose of comparison. It is not a recommendation or an attempt to sell brand-name drugs.

In addition to this, The Safe Pharmacy is not responsible for the actions of the purchaser or the use of medication by the user. All the drugs purchased from The Safe Pharmacy are for personal uses only and we are not responsible for the penalties for any non-compliance to the laws of the consumer’s home country.

The Safe Pharmacy neither sells nor will it ship any drugs that are classified as narcotics or any controlled substance. Controlled substances are the chemicals and/or drugs that are regulated by the government – and that also includes the manufacturing, possession, and use of these products.